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Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I’ve been a medical education writer and editor for over 8 years and love mentoring new entrants into their first agency roles.

I believe that becoming a medical writer doesn’t have to take years or be a stressful process.

And this is the perfect time to be entering the field. Medical writing is predicted to grow to $9.4B (USD) by 2032, and medical communications agencies are looking for people with skilled science or communications backgrounds.

Introducing MedWriter Career Launch

This unique course teaches you the industry basics of medical education writing, the skills you need to succeed, and how to impress hiring managers with a stellar portfolio, cover letter, and resume. 

The course is focused on helping aspiring medical writers land positions within medical communications agencies.

A specialized focus

Various types of medical writing exist, but this curriculum concentrates on medical education writing.

What exactly is medical education writing?

Its main purpose is to provide educational material that helps healthcare professionals stay informed about new medical advances, treatment guidelines, clinical trial results, disease management strategies, and other similar topics. It also provides educational material for patients and caregivers. This type of writing differs from other types, such as regulatory or clinical research documentation.

When you work in medical education writing, you could work on a range of projects, including:

  • slide deck presentations
  • educational websites
  • learning modules
  • advisory boards
  • patient education materials
  • animations

You might also work on more innovative, tech-forward projects like:

  • disease progression simulators
  • patient symptom simulations
  • educational games
  • AR and VR experiences

Secure your spot!

Each intake has a limited number of spots.

Though lessons can be completed at your own pace, the course is designed start landing you interviews within 2 to 3 months. 

Modules will be dripped to you every week, and as you watch the video lessons and complete your action items for the week, you’ll have access to peer and instructor support through the course community and via email.

Module breakdown

A sneak peek at what's waiting for you in each module

Module 1: Medical Education Writing Foundations

Learn how your medical writing skills will fit into the drug life cycle, diverse medical writing types, work settings, necessary skills, earning potential, and career paths. The module ends with you drafting a career goal transition plan.


Module 2: Preparing To Enter The Industry

Develop confidence and a growth mindset, address knowledge gaps, and gain insights into agency life. This module will have you create a values-based professional brand, and craft an effective elevator pitch for showcasing transferable skills and expertise.

Module 3: Developing Core Writing, Thinking, And Planning Skills

Master the strategic aspects of medical writing in Module 3 by prioritizing audience understanding, including their needs, preferences, and perspectives. Develop essential skills in areas such as learning theory, empathetic writing, and copy deck best practices.

Module 4: Portfolio Development

Build a compelling writing portfolio in this module by understanding its purpose and career benefits, determining the ideal number and types of pieces, incorporating visually impactful writing samples, and creating an online portfolio through a step-by-step walkthrough.

Module 5: Finding And Getting Work

It’s time to get work! Master job search skills in Module 5, gaining confidence and overcoming experience gaps. Learn to craft compelling cover letters and resumes, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and navigate interviews. Explore multiple job search techniques that go beyond applying to open job ads online.

Bonus Module: Congrats! You Got The Job!

Prepare for career success in Module 6 by learning to establish a healthy work-life balance, navigate professional relationships, negotiate salary, and confidently approach challenging projects. This module is all about ensuring long-term success in your medical writing career.

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Give yourself a break and discover how easy this transition can be. MedWriter Career Launch will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. Stop getting lost in the confusion of endless online research rabbit holes and learn how to start your medical writing career today.

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